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Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia

November 2012 Volume 21, Number 4


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. MBA On Line: Is Challenging Peer Work Motivating? Is It Mastered?

    Caroline Akhras, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

    Deciding to go the extra mile to continue self-development does not necessarily mean learning to assimilate online technology into one’s field of expertise though it has been found that general... More

    pp. 317-333

  2. Understand learning style by eye tracking in slide video learning

    Jianxia Cao & Akinori Nishihara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

    More and more videos are now being used in e-learning context. For improving learning effect, to understand how students view the online video is important. In this research, we investigate how... More

    pp. 335-358

  3. The Effects of Gender and Dominant Mental Processes on Hypermedia Learning

    Holly Ellis & W. Gary Howard, University of West Florida, United States

    The effects of gender and dominant mental process on learning is an area of increased interest among educators. This study was designed to explore those effects on hypermedia learning. The... More

    pp. 359-369

  4. Programming in a Robotics Context in the Kindergarten Classroom: The Impact on Sequencing Skills

    Elizabeth Kazakoff & Marina Bers, Tufts University, United States

    This paper examines the impact of computer programming of robots on sequencing ability in early childhood and the relationship between sequencing skills, class size, and teacher’s comfort level and... More

    pp. 371-391

  5. Rapid e-learning Tools Selection Process for Cognitive and Psychomotor Learning Objectives

    David Tawei Ku & Yung-Hsin Huang, Tamkang University, Taiwan

    ** Invited as a paper from ED-MEDIA 2011 ** This study developed a decision making process for the selection of rapid e-learning tools that could match different learning domains. With the... More

    pp. 393-413