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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

February 2008 Volume 24, Number 1


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Optional Student Use of Online Lecture Resources: Resource Preferences, Performance and Lecture Attendance

    M Grabe & K Christopherson

    One of the most common uses of a course management system in the on-campus environment is to offer lecture resources to students. Few researchers have investigated how students use such resources. ... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. Teacher Guidelines for Cross-National Virtual Communities in Primary Education

    M B. Ligorio & H Van der Meijden

    The purpose of this study is to provide guidelines for teachers to carry out cross-national educational projects in schools through the introduction of virtual environments as a means of reshaping ... More

    pp. 11-25

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  3. The Practitioner Perspective on the Modeling of Pedagogy and Practice

    S de Freitas, M Oliver, A Mee & T Mayes

    The promotion of e-learning in policies internationally has led to questions about how best to employ technology in support of learning. A range of models has since been developed that attempts to ... More

    pp. 26-38

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  4. The End of Handwriting? Using Computers in Traditional Essay Examinations

    N Mogey, G Sarab, J Haywood, S van Heyningen, D Dewhurst, D Hounsell & R Neilson

    Most of our students complete most of their written assignments using a word processor, but they are still asked to handwrite responses in an examination. It could be argued that they have not... More

    pp. 39-46

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  5. Analysing the Use of Interactive Technology to Implement Interactive Teaching

    S Kennewell, H Tanner, S Jones & G Beauchamp

    Recent policy initiatives in England have focused on promoting "interactive" teaching in schools, with a clear expectation that this will lead to improvements in learning. This expectation is based... More

    pp. 61-73

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  6. A Learner Support Model Based on Peer Tutor Selection

    P van Rosmalen, P Sloep, L Kester, F Brouns, M de Croock, K Pannekeet & R Koper

    The introduction of elearning often leads to an increase in the time staff spends on tutoring. To alleviate the workload of staff tutors, we developed a model for organizing and supporting learner-... More

    pp. 74-86

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