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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

October 2005 Volume 21, Number 5


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Conferences as Learning Communities: Some Early Lessons in Using "Back-Channel" Technologies at an Academic Conference--Distributed Intelligence or Divided Attention?

    N Jacobs & A McFarlane

    Most, if not all, researchers attend conferences as a part of their practice, and yet it is an under-researched activity. Little attention has been paid either to developing a theoretically... More

    pp. 317-329

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  2. A Computer Attitude Scale for Computer Science Freshmen and Its Educational Implications

    G E. Palaigeorgiou, P D. Siozos, N I. Konstantakis & I A. Tsoukalas

    The successful integration of computers in educational environments depends, to a great extent, on students' attitudes towards them. Widely used computer attitude scales (CASs) focus on the beliefs... More

    pp. 330-342

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  3. Crossing Complex Boundaries: Transnational Online Education in European Trade Unions

    S Walker & L Creanor

    Collaboration across boundaries in work and learning is increasingly a feature of networked organisation. We present a framework for analysing learning events as encounters across multiple... More

    pp. 343-354

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  4. Encouraging Contributions in Learning Networks Using Incentive Mechanisms

    H G. K. Hummel, D Burgos, C Tattersall, F Brouns, H Kurvers & R Koper

    We investigate incentive mechanisms to increase active participation in Learning Networks (LNs). The LN under study is LN4LD, an LN for the exchange of information about the IMS Learning Design... More

    pp. 355-365

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  5. Learning Objects: Conditions for Viability

    O Liber

    This article elaborates the factors that have led to the emergence of the concept of learning objects as the predominant model for digital learning materials, examining the problems that they... More

    pp. 366-373

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  6. Information Commitments: Evaluative Standards and Information Searching Strategies in Web-Based Learning Environments

    Ying-Tien Wu & Chin-Chung Tsai

    "Information commitments" include both a set of evaluative standards that Web users utilize to assess the accuracy and usefulness of information in Web-based learning environments (implicit... More

    pp. 374-385

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