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Italian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 1993 Volume 1, Number 1


Donatella Persico; Stefania Manca; Francesca Pozzi

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. ETHOS of the journal

    Vittorio Midoro

    Brief reflections on the relationship between instructional technology, learning and training in Italy. More

    p. 2

  2. Le Tecnologie didattiche oggi

    David Hawkridge

    Discussion of the concept of educational technology, considered a social concept that changes as you put it into question, and the need to update definitions from the late sixties. More

    p. 4

  3. A two round debate

    Donatella Persico

    Intervento “a piu\u2019 voci\u201d sulla definizione del concetto delle Tecnologie Didattiche. Contribuiscono Chris Bell (Inghilterra), Vittorio Midoro (Italia), Alistair Thomson (Scozia), Lydia... More

    p. 17

  4. Birth and development of educational technology

    Giorgio Olimpo

    Reflections on the cognitive models, the 'system approach to the problems of education and technology education. Describes some milestones for the development of the field of Educational Technology. More

    p. 23

  5. TD in Italian schools: if you're there, knock

    Maria Ferraris

    This section contains reflections "semi-serious" but not too much of an educational technology on the theme of Educational Technology. More

    p. 35

  6. Dialogo con un tecnologo didattico

    Derek Rowntree

    Dialogo immaginario fra un esponente delle tecnologie didattiche e un insegnante. More

    p. 43

  7. Il museo delle tecnologie didattiche

    Vittorio Midoro

    Reflections on a hypothetical museum of educational technology and its characteristics imaginary (first part). More

    p. 51

  8. A broken promise?

    Andrea Cavrini & Claudio Dondi

    Discussione delle tecnologie didattiche e l\u2019open learning in azienda. More

    p. 58