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E-Learning and Digital Media

2010 Volume 7, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Globally Networked Union Education and Labour Studies: The Past, Present and Future

    Jeffery Taylor

    The literature on globally networked learning environments (GNLEs) has predominantly focused on research or classroom partnerships in higher education that usually involve traditional students... More

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  2. Giving Life to Data: University-Community Partnerships in Addressing HIV and AIDS through Building Digital Archives

    Naydene de Lange, Thoko Mnisi, Claudia Mitchell & Eun G. Park

    The partnerships, especially university-community partnerships, that sustain globally networked learning environments often face challenges in mobilizing research to empower local communities to... More

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  3. Do International Online Collaborative Learning Projects Impact Ethnocentrism?

    Diane Boehm, Hermann Kurthen & Lilianna Aniola-Jedrzejek

    Preparing students for success in a globalized world invites new approaches. Online collaboration between students from different countries via globally networked learning environments (GNLEs) is... More

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  4. Cross-Cultural Collisions in Cyberspace: Case Studies of International Legal Issues for Educators Working in Globally Networked Learning Environments

    Martine Courant Rife

    This article explores some of the legal and law-related challenges educators face in designing, implementing, and sustaining globally networked learning environments (GNLEs) in the context of... More

    pp. 147-159

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