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E-Learning and Digital Media

March 2015 Volume 12, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Digital Media Production and Identity: Insights from a Psychological Perspective

    M M. Terras, J Ramsay & E A. Boyle

    The unprecedented opportunities for production and collaborative working supported by Web 2.0 technology offer immense potential for active knowledge creation. Research to date has mostly explored ... More

    pp. 128-146

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  2. "Redstone Is Like Electricity": Children's Performative Representations in and around "Minecraft"

    Michael Dezuanni, Joanne O'Mara & Catherine Beavis

    This article investigates 8-and 9-year-old girls' use of the popular game "Minecraft" at home and school, particularly the ways in which they performatively "bring themselves into... More

    pp. 147-163

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  3. "That's Not Something I Was, I Am, or Am Ever Going to Be:" Multimodal Self-Assertion in Digital Video Production

    Candance Doerr-Stevens

    Issues of representation and identity are paramount in youth media. These issues are further complicated when youth draw on popular culture and other media resources as vehicles to interpret and... More

    pp. 164-182

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  4. "Where I'm From" and Belonging: A Multimodal, Cosmopolitan Perspective on Arts and Inquiry

    Tiffany DeJaynes

    The paper draws upon a year-long practitioner inquiry with adolescents who conducted auto-ethnographies as part of a research course in their urban public high school. Through ethnographic data... More

    pp. 183-198

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  5. Curating Media Learning: Towards a Porous Expertise

    Julian McDougall & John Potter

    This article combines research results from a range of projects with two consistent themes. Firstly, we explore the potential for curation to offer a productive metaphor for the convergence of... More

    pp. 199-211

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  6. The Making of a Filmmaker: Curating Learning Identities in Early Careers

    Øystein Gilje & Linn M. Groeng

    As the work with moving images has become digitized, the availability and affordability of filmmaking has facilitated new forms of creative content production in various genres and contexts. On an ... More

    pp. 212-225

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  7. Digital Collaboration inside and outside Educational Systems

    Nils Rune Birkeland, Eli-Marie Danbolt Drange & Elise Seip Tønnessen

    This article takes its outset in findings from an ongoing research project investigating the use of digital and multimodal resources in teacher education (TE) in Norway. The material studied is... More

    pp. 226-241

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  8. Digital Curation: Learning and Legacy in Later Life

    Helen Manchester & Keri Facer

    The world population is ageing. In the UK alone, it is projected that by 2035 those aged 65 and over will account for 23 per cent of the total population whilst the number of people aged 85 and... More

    pp. 242-258

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