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E-Learning and Digital Media

January 2015 Volume 12, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Virtual Communication Processes of Open and Distance Education: Some Contributions from the Cultural Studies Field

    Beatriz Fainholc

    The pressures of the information and digital culture exhibit innovation, but also a hegemonic power, and act in reciprocity with the global economy. Theoretical concepts and practical actions need ... More

    pp. 3-16

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  2. Building Virtual Teams: Experiential Learning Using Emerging Technologies

    Haihong Hu

    Currently, virtual teams are being used exponentially in higher education and business because of the development of technologies and globalization. These teams have become an essential approach... More

    pp. 17-33

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  3. Soft Systems Methodology for Personalized Learning Environment

    Uday Nair

    There are two sides to a coin when it comes to implementing technology at universities; on one side, there is the university using technologies via the virtual learning environment that seems to be... More

    pp. 34-56

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  4. Using Personalisation to Improve the Effectiveness of Global Educational Projects

    Eduard Pogorskiy

    This paper introduces the role of personalisation in the learning process, with a focus on aspects of the philosophy of technology and Internet studies. Significant changes in education, with the... More

    pp. 57-67

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  5. Hygiene Factors: Using VLE Minimum Standards to Avoid Student Dissatisfaction

    Peter Reed & Simon Watmough

    Inconsistency in the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) has led to dissatisfaction amongst students and is an issue across the Higher Education sector. This paper outlines research... More

    pp. 68-89

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  6. Serious Games: Video Games for Good?

    Kathy Sanford, Lisa J. Starr, Liz Merkel & Sarah Bonsor Kurki

    As video games become a ubiquitous part of today's culture internationally, as educators and parents we need to turn our attention to how video games are being understood and used in informal and... More

    pp. 90-106

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  7. Language Learning Strategies of Language e-Learners in Turkey

    Ekrem Solak & Recep Cakir

    The purpose of this study was to determine the use of language learning strategies of e-learners and to understand whether there were any correlations between language learning strategies and... More

    pp. 107-120

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