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English Language Teaching

2018 Volume 11, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. English in Public Schools Located in Metropolitan Lima, Peru: An Analysis of Eleventh-Grade Students' Level and Perceptions

    Andrea I. Morales, Paola S. Palomeque, Valeria Paredes & Jerome Mangelinckx

    English Language Teaching (ELT) public policies are present in most of the countries of the Americas due to the importance of said language in the international context. The objective of this... More

    pp. 55-67

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  2. The Role of e-Learning in Studying English as a Foreign Language in Saudi Arabia: Students' and Teachers' Perspectives

    Ibrahim Mutambik

    Over the past few decades, there have been tremendous increase in technology advancement and the significance of this in the field of education cannot be overemphasised. The adoption and use of E... More

    pp. 74-83

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  3. The Impact of Wikis & Videos Integration through Cooperative Writing Tasks Processes

    Lubin Fernando Franco-Camargo & Gonzalo Camacho-Vásquez

    ICT role in education nowadays is not only important, but also effective; its advancement allows a vast opportunity to be explored by EFL teachers into the EFL classroom. This action-research study... More

    pp. 116-129

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