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Educational Research Review

2012 Volume 7, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Self-rated competences questionnaires from a design perspective

    Edith Braun, Alan Woodley, John T.E. Richardson & Bernhard Leidner

    This paper provides a theoretical review of self-rated competences questionnaires. This topic is influenced by the ongoing world-wide reform of higher education, which has led to a focus on the... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Quantitative content analysis procedures to analyse students’ reflective essays: A methodological review of psychometric and edumetric aspects

    E. Poldner, P.R.J. Simons, G. Wijngaards & M.F. van der Schaaf

    Reflective essays are a common way to develop higher education students’ reflection ability. Researchers frequently analyse reflective essays based on quantitative content analysis procedures (QCA)... More

    pp. 19-37

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  3. Effects of student participation in decision making at school. A systematic review and synthesis of empirical research

    Ursula Mager & Peter Nowak

    This article reviews empirical research on the effects of student participation in school decision-making processes. Out of 3102 searched citations, a total of 32 publications met the inclusion... More

    pp. 38-61

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  4. The effect of class composition by gender and ability on secondary school students’ school well-being and academic self-concept: A literature review

    Barbara Belfi, Mieke Goos, Bieke De Fraine & Jan Van Damme

    In the field of educational effectiveness research, the influence of a class’ student body on students’ individual achievement scores has been a popular research interest for many years. Yet, few... More

    pp. 62-74

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