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Learning, Media and Technology

2015 Volume 40, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Knowledge Infrastructures and the Inscrutability of Openness in Education

    Richard Edwards

    Openness has a long genealogy in education. Whether through the use of post, radio, television and digital technologies, extending learning opportunities to more and a wider range of people has... More

    pp. 251-264

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  2. For a Political Economy of Massive Open Online Courses

    Richard Hall

    In understanding the changes that are impacting the global higher education sector, developing a critique of the relationships between technology and technological innovation, new managerialism and... More

    pp. 265-286

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  3. Open to Influence: What Counts as Academic Influence in Scholarly Networked "Twitter" Participation

    Bonnie Stewart

    Within the academy, signals of a scholar's academic influence are made manifest in indices like the "h"-index, which rank output. In open scholarly networks, however, signals of influence... More

    pp. 287-309

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  4. Open Education as a "Heterotopia of Desire"

    Lesley Gourlay

    The movement towards "openness" in education has tended to position itself as inherently democratising, radical, egalitarian and critical of powerful gatekeepers to learning. While "... More

    pp. 310-327

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  5. Openness, Technologies, Business Models and Austerity

    Chris Jones

    Open education emerged when the state had an active role in shaping and financing post-secondary education. In the twenty-first century, two pressures influence the way openness is conceived. The... More

    pp. 328-349

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  6. OER as Online Edutainment Resources: A Critical Look at Open Content, Branded Content, and How Both Affect the OER Movement

    Rolin Moe

    Despite a rise in awareness and production of open education resources (OER) over the past decade, mainstream media outlets continue to define open in economic terms of consumer cost and not in... More

    pp. 350-364

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  7. From Openness to Permeability: Reframing Open Education in Terms of Positive Liberty in the Enactment of Academic Practices

    Martin Oliver

    This paper explores the idea of open education, focusing specifically on the concept of openness. Previous discussions of open education are reviewed, using Knox's discussion of "unfreedoms... More

    pp. 365-384

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  8. Open Education and the Emancipation of Academic Labour

    Joss Winn

    I have previously argued that open education is a liberal project with a focus on the freedom of things rather than the freedom of people (Winn, Joss. 2012. "Open Education: From the Freedom... More

    pp. 385-404

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