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Learning, Media and Technology

2013 Volume 38, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Interacting for Learning: Digital Portfolios for a Learning Community in a University Course

    Ina Blau, Nili Mor & Tami Neuthal

    This study investigates student interactions in a blog-based learning community in a university course. In addition, this study explores the dynamics of group interactions in individual blog-based ... More

    pp. 241-255

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  2. When Digital Capital is Not Enough: Reconsidering the Digital Lives of Disabled University Students

    Jane Seale

    The relationship that disabled university students have with both their technologies and institutions is poorly understood. This paper seeks to illuminate this relationship using the conceptual... More

    pp. 256-269

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  3. The Shackled School Internet: Zemiological Solutions to the Problem of Over-Blocking

    Andrew Hope

    Despite widespread internet provision in UK schools, there is little evidence to suggest resultant, sustained educational benefit. Drawing upon the notion of over-blocking, this paper explores how ... More

    pp. 270-283

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  4. Using Communities of Practice as a Tool to Analyse Developing Identity in Online Ddiscussion

    Nick Pratt & Jenni Back

    In this article, we address the methodological implications of analysing online discussion boards with a focus on participants' changing identities. More specifically, we propose the use of a ... More

    pp. 284-300

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  5. Seamless Learning in the Mobile Age: A Theoretical and Methodological Discussion on Using Cooperative Inquiry to Study Digital Kids On-the-Move

    Yancy Toh, Hyo-Jeong So, Peter Seow, Wenli Chen & Chee-Kit Looi

    This paper shares the theoretical and methodological frameworks that are deployed in a 3-year study to examine how Singapore primary school students leverage on mobile technology for seamless... More

    pp. 301-318

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  6. Being "(T)Here": Mobilisin "Mediaspaces" of Learning

    Judith Enriquez

    The mobile learning literature, particularly studies that focus on interaction or context, has the tendency to be top-down and highly scripted. Mobility is designed into learning scenarios and... More

    pp. 319-336

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  7. Examining the Use of Theory within Educational Technology and Media Research

    Scott Bulfin, Michael Henderson & Nicola Johnson

    Academic research in the areas of educational technology and media is often portrayed to be limited in terms of its use of theory. This short paper reports on data collected from a survey of 462 ... More

    pp. 337-344

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  8. "Facebook" Use in the Learning Environment: Do Students Want This?

    Julie Prescott, Sarah Wilson & Gordon Becket

    The Net Generation (those born in or after 1980) rely heavily on ICTs for social and professional interactions, and it has been suggested that they have the expectation that technology will be an... More

    pp. 345-350

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