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Learning, Media and Technology

2013 Volume 38, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Tweens' Conceptions of Privacy Online: Implications for Educators

    Katie Davis & Carrie James

    There is considerable debate about young people's concern for privacy today, given their frequent use of social media to share information and other content about themselves and others. While ... More

    pp. 4-25

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  2. Hype, Hope and ICT in Teacher Education: A Bernsteinian Perspective

    Catarina Player-Koro

    This article draws from ethnographic data produced inside mathematics teacher education in Sweden. It explores and makes visible the ongoing process of education during workshops in information and... More

    pp. 26-40

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  3. An Analysis of Teacher-Defined Activities with Mobile Technologies: Predecessor and Successor Tool Use in the Classroom

    Louise Mifsud, Anders I. Morch & Sigmund Lieberg

    In this paper, different perspectives on the role of the teacher in a classroom equipped with personal digital assistants (PDAs) are presented. We report on four classroom studies conducted in two ... More

    pp. 41-56

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  4. Towards ICT in Everyday Life in Finnish Schools: Seeking Conditions for Good Practices

    Hannele Niemi, Heikki Kynaslahti & Sanna Vahtivuori-Hanninen

    The article discusses how to strengthen educational use of information and communication technology (ICT) in Finnish schools. The conceptions and experiences of the successful integration of ICT in... More

    pp. 57-71

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  5. Listening to Excluded Young People's Experiences of e-Safety and Risk

    Sue Cranmer

    This article reports on excluded young people's experiences with and management of e-safety and risk. It has importance in exploring these concerns given that excluded young people's... More

    pp. 72-85

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  6. Production-on-the-Go Practice: Storyboarding as a Retrospective and Redundant School Literacy Activity

    Lynde Tan

    Storyboarding is one common strategy used in teaching young people digital media. This paper argues that in adolescents' literacy practices, they engage in production on the go. The metaphor... More

    pp. 86-101

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  7. Congregating to Create for Social Change: Urban Youth Media Production and Sense of Community

    Linda Charmaraman

    This case study explored how adolescents were empowered through afterschool media production activities and, in the process, re-imagined themselves as active and engaged citizens within their... More

    pp. 102-115

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  8. Assessment, Technology and Democratic Education in the Age of Data

    Carlo Perrotta

    This paper contends that powerful techniques to manipulate data, enabled by technological and economic developments, can be easily co-opted to serve the restrictive frameworks of hyper-controlling,... More

    pp. 116-122

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