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Learning, Media and Technology

2012 Volume 37, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Digitally Mastered? Technology and Transition in the Experience of Taught Postgraduate Students

    Elizabeth Masterman & Jane Alexen Shuyska

    Taught Master's students have been largely overlooked in research into learners' engagement with digital technologies. This article reports work to redress this imbalance, in which an extended... More

    pp. 335-354

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  2. Collaborative Communication Technologies and Learning in College Courses: Which Are Used, for What Purposes, and to What Ends?

    Jennifer H. Waldeck & Kathleen Dougherty

    Web-based communication technologies that enable collaboration and sharing of information among users - such as podcasts, wikis, blogs, message boards, and others--are used commonly in contemporary... More

    pp. 355-378

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  3. Getting the Most out of Audience Response Systems: Predicting Student Reactions

    Jennifer L. Trew & Jacqueline L. Nelsen

    Audience response systems (ARS) are effective tools for improving learning outcomes and student engagement in large undergraduate classes. However, if students do not accept ARS and do not find... More

    pp. 379-394

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  4. An Empirical Investigation of the Emergent Issues around OER Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Pauline Ngimwa & Tina Wilson

    In the past few years, Africa has joined the rest of the world as an active participant in the Open Educational Resource (OER) movement with a number of home-grown and externally driven initiatives... More

    pp. 398-413

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  5. Using Technology for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Bangladesh: Challenges and Consequences

    M Mahruf C. Shohel & Adrian Kirkwood

    The increasing use of media and technologies for enhancing teaching and learning is an important current trend to overcome the challenges of schooling and teacher training in the changing world.... More

    pp. 414-428

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  6. A Case Study of Using an Online Community of Practice for Teachers' Professional Development at a Secondary School in China

    Qiyun Wang & Zhiping Lu

    In this case study, an online community was designed at a secondary school in China for the teachers to prepare their lessons collectively, reflect on their teaching practices, collect comments... More

    pp. 429-446

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