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Learning, Media and Technology

2012 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Rhetoric of the Implicit and the Politics of Representation in the Age of Copy-and-Paste

    Elisabetta Adami

    The paper discusses the effects of copy-and-paste on the rhetoric and politics of communication in digital environments, by examining direct and indirect (mis)quotation and referencing in "YouTube"... More

    pp. 131-144

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  2. Balancing Cohesion and Tension in Multimodal Rhetoric. An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Semiotic Complexity

    Martin Engebretsen

    What patterns of multimodal rhetoric characterizes the most successful texts meant for learning--inside or outside school? This article argues that the balance between cohesion and tension in the... More

    pp. 145-162

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  3. Mediating Argumentative Deconstruction of Advertising Discourses: A New Means of Multimodal Learning

    Carmen Daniela Maier

    Drawing upon a social semiotic perspective, this article examines the argumentative discourse of "Media Bites" videos: Each of these videos instructively... More

    pp. 163-176

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  4. Linguistic Layering: Social Language Development in the Context of Multimodal Design and Digital Technologies

    Myrrh Domingo

    In our contemporary society, digital texts circulate more readily and extend beyond page-bound formats to include interactive representations such as online newsprint with hyperlinks to audio and... More

    pp. 177-197

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  5. Cyborg Ontologies and the Lecturer's Voice: A Posthuman Reading of the "Face-to-Face"

    Lesley Gourlay

    The lecture is often posited as the prototypical "face-to-face" educational encounter, seen as embodying key features of the pre-networked academy. These are implicitly characterised as forms of... More

    pp. 198-211

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