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Learning, Media and Technology

2012 Volume 37, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Unravelling the Social Network: Theory and Research

    Guy Merchant

    Despite the widespread popularity of social networking sites (SNSs) amongst children and young people in compulsory education, relatively little scholarly work has explored the fundamental issues... More

    pp. 4-19

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  2. Dividing at an Early Age: The Hidden Digital Divide in Ohio Elementary Schools

    Lawrence Wood & Aimee Howley

    Computers are now a ubiquitous part of US elementary school education. With policy reports suggesting that inequities in information and communication technology (ICT) access across US schools are ... More

    pp. 20-39

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  3. What Counts as Knowledge: Learning to Use Categories in Computer Environments

    Sten R. Ludvigsen

    In this article, I develop a perspective on learning as multilayered phenomena. I take a socio-genetic approach in order to understand human activity and to show how categories are a fundamental... More

    pp. 40-52

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  4. Gender Differences in Student Performance in Large Lecture Classrooms Using Personal Response Systems ("Clickers") with Narrative Case Studies

    Hosun Kang, Mary Lundeberg, Bjorn Wolter, Robert delMas & Clyde F. Herreid

    This study investigated gender differences in science learning between two pedagogical approaches: traditional lecture and narrative case studies using personal response systems ("clickers").... More

    pp. 53-76

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  5. Children's Writing Goes 3D: A Case Study of One Primary School's Journey into Multimodal Authoring

    Angela Thomas

    This paper draws from research conducted as part of an Australian Research Council funded Linkage Project "Teaching effective 3D authoring in the middle years: multimedia grammatical design and... More

    pp. 77-93

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  6. "Wrighting" the Self: New Technologies and Textual Subjectivities

    Mona Sakr

    The expression of the self through multimodal texts is a central theme in education. While it has been suggested that new technologies act as important mediators in the relationship between texts... More

    pp. 119-123

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