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Learning, Media and Technology

March 2010 Volume 35, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Red Pill: Social Studies, Media Texts, and Literacies

    Trenia L. Walker

    This article explores the use of media texts in contemporary high school social studies classrooms. Much of the current research regarding media education in social studies classes has focused on... More

    pp. 1-14

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  2. ICT Use among 13-Year-Old Swedish Children

    Ulli Samuelsson

    Swedish children have grown up in a digital culture, but have internalized information and communication technology (ICT) in different ways and gained most of their knowledge by peer-based learning... More

    pp. 15-30

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  3. "Gamestar Mechanic": Learning a Designer Mindset through Communicational Competence with the Language of Games

    Ivan Alex Games

    This article presents the results of a three-year study of "Gamestar Mechanic" (, a flash-based multiplayer online role-playing game developed for the MacArthur Foundation'... More

    pp. 31-52

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  4. The Sound of Feedback in Higher Education

    Maggi Savin-Baden

    Whilst there is considerable literature on feedback for students and on the use of audio feedback, literature in the area of podcasting assignment feedback (PAF) remains sparse. Partly, this may be... More

    pp. 53-64

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  5. Incidental Foreign Language Acquisition from Media Exposure

    An H. Kuppens

    A number of experimental studies have demonstrated the incidental acquisition of a foreign language by children and adolescents when watching foreign language television. While such experiments can... More

    pp. 65-85

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