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Learning, Media and Technology

March 2009 Volume 34, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Using Wikis to Promote Quality Learning in Teacher Training

    Steve Wheeler & Dawn Wheeler

    This paper discusses writing as a social practice and speculates on how wikis might be used to promote higher quality academic writing and support collaborative learning. This study of... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. Teaching and Learning with a Visualiser in the Primary Classroom: Modelling Graph-Making

    Diane Mavers

    This paper examines the technological affordances of the visualiser, and what teachers actually do with it in the primary (elementary) classroom, followed by an investigation into one example of... More

    pp. 11-26

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  3. Gender Differences in Preschool Children's Recall of Competitive and Noncompetitive Computer Mathematics Games

    Fang-Yi Flora Wei & Katherine Grace Hendrix

    This study investigated whether competitive and noncompetitive educational mathematics computer games influence four- to seven-year-old boys' and girls' recall of game-playing experience. A... More

    pp. 27-43

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  4. Feedback as Dialogue: Exploring the Links between Formative Assessment and Social Software in Distance Learning

    Stylianos Hatzipanagos & Steven Warburton

    The paper explores the relationship between formative assessment and social software. Formative assessment practices though beneficial for student learning become marginalised and constrained in... More

    pp. 45-59

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  5. The Effect of Nature Documentaries on Students' Environmental Sensitivity: A Case Study

    Tasos A. Barbas, Stefanos Paraskevopoulos & Anastasia G. Stamou

    Despite the potential educational value of nature documentaries, the contribution of such films to environmental education is largely unknown. In the present study, we attempt to delineate the role... More

    pp. 61-69

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