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Learning, Media and Technology

December 2007 Volume 32, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. "Quality and Quantity": The Value of Online Seminars for Media and Cultural Studies Undergraduates

    John W. Robertson & Sally Lee

    Much previous research into the effectiveness of CMC has suffered from a lack of clarity or of consistency in the adoption and explication of coding typologies or taxonomies. This has reduced the... More

    pp. 351-368

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  2. Exploring Processes and Outcomes of Wireless Internet in Higher Education: A Case Study of a University's Early Experience

    Lisa Lee

    Many universities in the UK have recently started offering their staff and students free wireless Internet access through Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies, such as Wi-Fi. Based on a ... More

    pp. 369-380

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  3. The Effect of Different Chunking Strategies in Complementing Animated Instruction

    Mine Munyofu, William J. Swain, Bradley D. Ausman, Huifen Lin, Khusro Kidwai & Francis Dwyer

    The purpose of this exploratory and small-scale study was to examine the instructional effects of different chunking strategies used to complement animated instruction in terms of facilitating... More

    pp. 407-419

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