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Learning, Media and Technology

September 2007 Volume 32, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Features of Interactive Whiteboards and Their Influence on Learning

    Steve Kennewell & Gary Beauchamp

    In a small-scale study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-rich primary school, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) were found to be the predominant ICT tools used by teachers. The study... More

    pp. 227-241

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  2. A "Learning Revolution"? Investigating Pedagogic Practice around Interactive Whiteboards in British Primary Classrooms

    Julia Gillen, Judith Kleine Staarman, Karen Littleton, Neil Mercer & Alison Twiner

    Interactive whiteboards have been rapidly introduced into all primary schools under UK Government initiatives. These large, touch-sensitive screens, which control a computer connected to a digital ... More

    pp. 243-256

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  3. Interactivity and the Digital Whiteboard: Weaving the Fabric of Learning

    Maureen Haldane

    This article presents the interactive whiteboard as a unique teaching and learning medium and explores the distinctive pedagogy that is emerging as its functionality continues to be exploited by... More

    pp. 257-270

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  4. Teaching and Learning with an Interactive Whiteboard: A Teacher's Journey

    Sue Hodge & Bill Anderson

    A self-study methodology is used to explore the impact of introducing interactive whiteboard technology to a primary school classroom. Several key insights, described as "nodal moments", provided... More

    pp. 271-282

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