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Learning, Media and Technology

March 2005 Volume 30, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. PANdora's Box: Distance Learning Technologies in Asia

    Jon Baggaley & Maria Ng Lee Hoon

    This article provides an international perspective on learning technology developments, with emphasis on the special challenges of designing distance learning technologies (DLT) in the developing... More

    pp. 5-14

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  2. The Impact of Online Tutorials on Course Completion Rates and Student Achievement

    Tian Belawati

    Providing learning support for students has been the most challenging issue for Universitas Terbuka (UT) in Indonesia since most students live in rural areas within which qualified tutors are hard ... More

    pp. 15-25

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  3. The Relationship Between Web Enjoyment and Student Perceptions and Learning Using a Web-Based Tutorial

    Timothy J. F. Mitchell, Sherry Y. Chen & Robert D. Macredie

    Web enjoyment has been regarded as a component of system experience. However, there has been little targeted research considering the role of web enjoyment alone in student learning using web-based... More

    pp. 27-40

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  4. A Multimedia-Enhanced Problem-Based Learning Experience in the Malaysian Classroom

    Mai Neo & Tse-Kian Neo

    In this paper a multimedia project was incorporated into a problem-based learning environment to examine how learning in multimedia could be enhanced through the use of problem-based learning.... More

    pp. 41-53

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  5. The Mind of a Plagiarist

    Jon Baggaley & Bob Spencer

    The ease with which material may be "copied and pasted" from the Internet into written work is raising concern in educational institutions, and particularly in those disciplines that use online... More

    pp. 55-62

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  6. The Influence of Friends and Family vs The Simpsons: Scottish Adolescents' Media Choices

    John W. Robertson, Neil Blain & Paula Cowan

    Increased emphasis on celebrity, and the growing cultural importance of the Internet, help drive continuing anxiety about the influence of the media on the young. Though recent empirical studies of... More

    pp. 63-79

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