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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

2009 Volume 19, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Intelligent Tutoring for Ill-Defined Domains in Military Simulation-Based Training

    Elizabeth Owen Bratt

    This paper describes the role of simulation-based training in the military. Interviews and observations of military instructors in the damage control and shiphandling domains provide examples of... More

    pp. 337-356

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  2. Towards Individualized Dialogue Support for Ill-Defined Domains

    Amali Weerasinghe, Antonija Mitrovic & Brent Martin

    One of the critical factors contributing to the effectiveness of human tutoring is the conversational aspect of the instruction. Our goal is to develop a general model for supporting dialogues with... More

    pp. 357-379

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  3. Using Weighted Constraints to Diagnose Errors in Logic Programming--The Case of an Ill-Defined Domain

    Nguyen-Thinh Le & Wolfgang Menzel

    In this paper, we introduce logic programming as a domain that exhibits some characteristics of being ill-defined. In order to diagnose student errors in such a domain, we need a means to... More

    pp. 381-400

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  4. Evaluating an Intelligent Tutoring System for Making Legal Arguments with Hypotheticals

    Niels Pinkwart, Kevin Ashley, Collin Lynch & Vincent Aleven

    Argumentation is a process that occurs often in ill-defined domains and that helps deal with the ill-definedness. Typically a notion of "correctness" for an argument in an ill-defined domain is... More

    pp. 401-424

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  5. Constructing Causal Diagrams to Learn Deliberation

    Matthew W. Easterday, Vincent Aleven, Richard Scheines & Sharon M. Carver

    Policy problems like "What should we do about global warming?" are ill-defined in large part because we do not agree on a system to represent them the way we agree Algebra problems should be... More

    pp. 425-445

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