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Journal of Research on Technology in Education

2006 Volume 39, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Influence of Gender on Attitudes, Perceptions, and Uses of Technology

    Connie D. Bain & Margaret L. Rice

    This study investigates whether gender has an effect on students' attitudes toward, and their uses of, technology. Data were collected from 59 sixth grade students to examine their attitudes toward... More

    pp. 119-132

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  2. Origins of Academic Dishonesty: Ethical Orientations and Personality Factors Associated with Attitudes about Cheating with Information Technology

    Stephanie Etter, Jackie J. Cramer & Seth Finn

    Growing perceptions that students exploit information technology to evade academic assignments prompted surveys of student attitudes about unethical uses of information technology (e.g., cutting... More

    pp. 133-155

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  3. Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Technology-Based Classrooms: A Developmental View

    Tamar Levin & Rivka Wadmany

    This paper reports on an exploratory, longitudinal study that analyzes and interprets the evolution of teachers' beliefs regarding learning, teaching, and technology, and their instructional... More

    pp. 157-181

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  4. Knowledge Construction in Inservice Teacher Online Discourse: Impacts of Instructor Roles and Facilitative Strategies

    Li-Fen Lilly Lu & Ifeng Jeng

    This study investigates how inservice teachers constructed new knowledge, the extent of knowledge construction achieved, and how instructors participated in and facilitated the online discussion to... More

    pp. 183-202

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  5. Student Characteristics, Sense of Community, and Cognitive Achievement in Web-Based and Lab-Based Learning Environments

    Richard C. Overbaugh & ShinYi Lin

    This study investigated differential effects of learning styles and learning orientation on sense of community and cognitive achievement in Web-based and lab-based university course formats.... More

    pp. 205-223

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