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Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives

2012 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Redundancies in "H" Index Variants and the Proposal of the Number of Top-Cited Papers as an Attractive Indicator

    Lutz Bornmann

    Ruscio, Seaman, D'Oriano, Stremlo, and Mahalchik (this issue) evaluate 22 bibliometric indicators, including conventional measures, like the number of publications, the "h" index, and many "h"... More

    pp. 149-153

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  2. Metrics of Scholarly Impact

    John T. Cacioppo & Stephanie Cacioppo

    Ruscio and colleagues (Ruscio, Seaman, D'Oriano, Stremlo, & Mahalchik, this issue) provide a thoughtful empirical analysis of 22 different measures of individual scholarly impact. The simplest... More

    pp. 154-156

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  3. Measuring What?

    Theodore M. Porter

    Ruscio et al. (Ruscio, Seaman, D'Oriano, Stremlo, & Mahalchik, this issue) write of a thing with which scientists and scholars are all too familiar, the assessment of published research and of its ... More

    pp. 167-169

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