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New Directions for Youth Development

2007 Volume 116, Number

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. The Ideas and Rationale behind the Extended Schools Agenda in England

    Fiona Mortlock

    In June 2005 the British government launched the Extended Schools Agenda to complement and add value to the Every Child Matters Framework. Every Child Matters is the British approach to collect and... More

    pp. 49-57

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  2. Feeling Close from a Distance: Peace Encounters via Internet Technology

    Yaacov B. Yablon

    In regions of intractable conflicts, daily circumstances and overall reality allow very narrow opportunities to bring members of conflict groups together in order to modify their social... More

    pp. 99-107

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  3. Amplifying Youth Voices in the Developing World

    Saori Fotenos & Deepti Rohatgi

    In the past few years, an explosion of user-generated content has flooded the Internet. The dramatic drop in the cost of digital video equipment and the increased accessibility of the Internet... More

    pp. 117-126

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