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Journal of Public Affairs Education

1999 Volume 5, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Internet-Mediated Learning in Public Affairs Programs: Issues and Implications

    Dianne Rahm, B J. Reed & Teri L. Rydl

    An overview of Internet-mediated learning in public affairs programs identifies issues for faculty, students, and administrators, including intellectual property rights, instructional issues,... More

    pp. 213-23

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  2. Toward Understanding the Culture of Internet-Mediated Learning

    Michael S. Mingus

    Reports on an ethnographic study of the online program at the University of Colorado. The study identified five themes of the online learning culture: the importance of human interaction, the... More

    pp. 225-35

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  3. Teaching Public Finance Administration Online: A Case Study

    Carol Ebdon

    A case study of an online masters course in public finance administration, conducted primarily through texts and electronic bulletin boards with no face-to-face contact, found advantages (time and ... More

    pp. 237-46

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  4. An Internet Integration Plan for the MPA Curriculum

    Leslie Leip

    Describes a pedagogical approach to integrating Internet-mediated learning into existing courses based on experience with public administration courses at Florida Atlantic University. Also reports ... More

    pp. 247-61

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