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Bioscience Education

May 2004 Volume 3, Number

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  1. Photosynthesis "In Silico". Overcoming the Challenges of Photosynthesis Education Using a Multimedia CD-ROM

    A W. Russell, G M. A. Netherwood & S A. Robinson

    Photosynthesis is a central topic in biology education. It remains one of the most challenging, largely because of a) its conceptual difficulty, leading to lack of interest and misconceptions among... More

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  2. Agriculture, Environment and Higher Education--A Personal View of the Past, Present and Future

    Dick Morris

    Agricultural and environmental higher education has changed greatly over the past four decades. This article provides a personal review of the factors influencing this change. Economics, social... More

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  3. Challenging the Mortality of Computer Assisted Learning Materials in the Life Sciences: The RECAL Project

    Rachel Ellaway, David Dewhurst & Stewart Cromar

    The development and use of computer assisted learning (CAL) materials in the life sciences is well established and, in the UK at least, significant resources have been provided to enable this. Some... More

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  4. Evaluation: Is an Open Book Examination Easier?

    Richard Brightwell, Janine-Helen Daniel & Angus Stewart

    In terms of the assessment of students, it is generally accepted that open book examinations create an enriched environment, offering the student an opportunity to better understand and respond to ... More

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  5. The Value of Computer Based Formative Assessment in Undergraduate Biological Science Teaching

    Sarah J. Pitt & Alan Gunn

    The impact of introducing computer-based self-assessment quizzes on examination performance was monitored in 5 modules delivered to undergraduate students in the first, second, and final years at... More

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