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Bioscience Education

December 2008 Volume 12, Number

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  1. The Use of a Graphical Input Device to Assist Student Learning

    Peter Klappa

    The benefits of a "developing" teaching style, in which a specific topic is developed on a white- or blackboard, commonly known as "chalk and talk", have been widely acknowledged. However, one of... More

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  2. Using Tablet Technology for University Lectures

    Victoria Chester

    Tablet PCs provide numerous benefits over traditional electronically projected lectures that use software such as PowerPoint. Flexibility and spontaneity can be achieved by editing or creating... More

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  3. Excel Yourself with Personalised Email Messages

    Stephen McClean

    Combining the Excel spreadsheet with an email program provides a very powerful tool for sending students personalised emails. Most email clients now support a Mail Merge facility whereby a generic ... More

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  4. Guided Practice Software for Teaching DNA Replication to Senior High School Students

    Eric C. Woods, Alan E. McKinnon, Jonathan G. H. Hickford & Walt A. Abell

    The prototype of a guided practice application was developed to instruct year 13 biology students in the process of DNA replication. The application uses a high degree of interaction to engage the ... More

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  5. Seeing Eye-to-Eye? Staff and Student Views on Feedback

    Ruth Bevan, Joanne Badge, Alan Cann, Chris Willmott & Jon Scott

    Feedback on academic performance is of critical importance to students' learning, and in their perception of the quality of instruction they receive. Here we report the outcomes of a study... More

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