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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

2016 Volume 25, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Designing Pedagogic Strategies for Dialogic Learning in Higher Education

    Alyson Simpson

    This article focuses on the pedagogic value of dialogue to strengthen pre-service teachers' reflective practices and improve their knowledge about the power of talk for learning. Dialogic learning ... More

    pp. 135-151

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  2. Designing and Implementing Peer Formative Feedback within Online Learning Environments

    J W. Gikandi & D Morrow

    With increasing need to achieve appropriate balance between learning support and self-regulation within the context of online learning, formative feedback has been identified as a viable means to... More

    pp. 153-170

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  3. An Examination of Digital Game-Based Situated Learning Applied to Chinese Language Poetry Education

    Hong-Ren Chen & You-Shiuan Lin

    By gradually placing more importance on game-based education and changing learning motivation by applying game-playing characteristics, students' learning experiences can be enhanced and a better... More

    pp. 171-186

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  4. BRIDGE21--Exploring the Potential to Foster Intrinsic Student Motivation through a Team-Based, Technology-Mediated Learning Model

    John Lawlor, Kevin Marshall & Brendan Tangney

    It is generally accepted that intrinsic student motivation is a critical requirement for effective learning but formal learning in school places a huge reliance on extrinsic motivation to focus the... More

    pp. 187-206

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  5. Teachers' Implicit Theories and Use of ICTs in the Language Classroom

    Mónica Cárdenas-Claros & Marianna Oyanedel

    This qualitative and exploratory case study sought to examine if and how implicit theories influence the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the language... More

    pp. 207-225

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  6. Exploring the Role of TPACK and Teacher Self-Efficacy: An Ethnographic Case Study of Three iPad Language Arts Classes

    Mary Gene Saudelli & Katia Ciampa

    This ethnographic research study investigated three elementary teachers' perceived self-efficacy beliefs and their attitudes toward mobile technology-enhanced instruction. Using technological... More

    pp. 227-247

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  7. Firefighter Training in Sweden: From Face-to-Face Learning in Training Grounds to Distance Learning--A Challenge for Exercise Instructors?

    Robert Holmgren

    When distance learning supported by digital technologies was introduced in firefighter training in Sweden some years ago, training exercise instructors accustomed to face-to-face teaching in the... More

    pp. 249-267

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