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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

2016 Volume 25, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Time Past: Impacts of ICT on the Pedagogic Discourse in the Interactive Project

    Neil R. Ingram

    The "pedagogic discourse" can describe the power relations and fields of influence within schools. This article extends the approach to include ICT-mediated learning in schools by... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Active and Passive Technology Integration: A Novel Approach for Managing Technology's Influence on Learning Experiences in Context-Aware Learning Spaces

    Teemu H. Laine & Eeva Nygren

    Technology integration is the process of overcoming different barriers that hinder efficient utilisation of learning technologies. The authors divide technology integration into two components... More

    pp. 19-37

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  3. Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers' Learning and Teaching of Activity-Based Lessons Supported with Spreadsheets

    Douglas D. Agyei & Joke M. Voogt

    In this study, 12 pre-service mathematics teachers worked in teams to develop their knowledge and skills in using teacher-led spreadsheet demonstrations to help students explore mathematics... More

    pp. 39-59

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  4. Effects of Learning Styles on Learners' Collaborative Patterns in a Mobile-Assisted, Chinese Character-Forming Game Based on a Flexible Grouping Approach

    Lung-Hsiang Wong & Ching-Kun Hsu

    This paper reports a novel, mobile-assisted, game-based learning design for Chinese character learning. In playing the "Chinese-PP" game in a 1:1 (one-device-per-student) setting, each of... More

    pp. 61-77

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  5. Effects of Test Media on Different EFL Test-Takers in Writing Scores and in the Cognitive Writing Process

    Xiao-Ling Zou & Yan-Min Chen

    The effects of computer and paper test media on EFL test-takers with different computer familiarity in writing scores and in the cognitive writing process have been comprehensively explored from... More

    pp. 79-99

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  6. Students' Use of Personal Technologies in the University Classroom: Analysing the Perceptions of the Digital Generation

    Debra Langan, Nicole Schott, Timothy Wykes, Justin Szeto, Samantha Kolpin, Carla Lopez & Nathan Smith

    Faculty frequently express concerns about students' personal use of information and communication technologies in today's university classrooms. As a requirement of a graduate research methodology ... More

    pp. 101-117

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  7. Investigating Applications of Speech-to-Text Recognition Technology for a Face-to-Face Seminar to Assist Learning of Non-Native English-Speaking Participants

    Rustam Shadiev, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Yueh-Min Huang & Chia-Ju Liu

    This study applied speech-to-text recognition (STR) technology to assist non-native English-speaking participants to learn at a seminar given in English. How participants used transcripts generated... More

    pp. 119-134

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