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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

October 2009 Volume 18, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Videopapers as a Tool for Reflection on Practice in Initial Teacher Education

    Elisabeth Lazarus & Federica Olivero

    This article will discuss issues concerning the potential of videopapers, drawing on a research project investigating the use of videopapers as a tool for reflecting on practice and as an... More

    pp. 255-267

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  2. Videopapers--An Attempt to Narrow the Notorious Gap between Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

    Rune Krumsvik & Kari Smith

    Student teachers often complain about the lack of relevance of the theoretical courses in teacher education, and they repeatedly stress the importance of the practicum as the most significant... More

    pp. 269-278

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  3. Changing Teamwork Practices: Videopaper as a Mediating Means for Teacher Professional Development

    Trond Eiliv Hauge & Svein Olav Norenes

    This study demonstrates the possibilities of videopaper to support teacher professional development in a workplace setting. A team of five mathematics teachers in a secondary school was followed... More

    pp. 279-297

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  4. "VideoPaper" in Context: Case Reports from the Field

    Dan Cogan-Drew

    "VideoPaper Builder" (VPB) was originally funded in 2001 through the National Science Foundation's "Bridging Research and Practice" program in recognition of the software's promise to articulate... More

    pp. 299-313

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  5. Videopapers and the Emergence of Analytical Perspectives on Teaching Practices

    Roger Saljo

    The problem of the relation of theory to practice in teaching and teacher training has been a major issue of debate for a long time. Well over a century ago, Dewey (1904) discussed the tensions... More

    pp. 315-323

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  6. Barriers to the Use of Technology in Jordanian Pre-School Settings

    Fathi Mahmoud Ihmeideh

    Technology has increasingly become an important and accepted tool in early childhood education classrooms. Despite its power and significance in supporting children's development, early childhood... More

    pp. 325-341

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  7. An Empirical Study of School-Based Planning for the Use of Information Technology to Improve the Quality of Education in the Twenty-First Century

    Siu Cheung Kong

    This study aims to provide recommendations on school-based planning for the use of information technology (IT) to improve the quality of school education. Focus group discussions and case studies... More

    pp. 343-359

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  8. A Comparison of Graduate and Undergraduate Teacher Education Students' Perceptions of Their Instructors' Use of "Microsoft PowerPoint"

    Yesim Yilmazel-Sahin

    This study explored the perceptions of 304 teacher education students regarding how effectively and meaningfully their instructors use the "Microsoft PowerPoint" presentation software program in... More

    pp. 361-380

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