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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

July 2009 Volume 18, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. E-Learning: You Don't Always Get What You Hope for

    Adrian Kirkwood

    Despite substantial growth in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) throughout western societies, there is much evidence of technology-led innovations within Higher Education ... More

    pp. 107-121

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  2. Implementing Digital Individual Development Planning in Teacher Education: The Challenges of Communication in Relation to the Development of ICT-Supported Methods

    Carina Granberg

    This paper presents a study of the experiences of a group of teacher educators during the 2006-2007 academic year, when they participated in a project to try out and implement digital individual... More

    pp. 123-135

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  3. Contingent Learning for Creative Music Technologists

    Andrew King

    This article will review educational literature relevant to the design and implementation of a learning technology interface (LTI) into an undergraduate music technology curriculum. It also... More

    pp. 137-153

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  4. The Use of Digital Video in Physical Education

    Tony Weir & Sean Connor

    This paper details the technical and operational aspects of a project investigating the role of digital video in physical education in 12 Irish schools over a period of two academic years. The... More

    pp. 155-171

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  5. The Impact of Formal and Informal Professional Development Opportunities on Primary Teachers' Adoption of Interactive Whiteboards

    Cathy Lewin, Peter Scrimshaw, Bridget Somekh & Maureen Haldane

    This paper reports on the approaches undertaken to support the development of teachers' uses of interactive whiteboards in the Primary Schools Whiteboard Expansion project. Mixed methods were used ... More

    pp. 173-185

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  6. Evaluation of E-Safety Materials for Initial Teacher Training: Can "Jenny's Story" Make a Difference?

    John Woollard, Cathy Wickens, Ken Powell & Terry Russell

    E-safety issues have come to the fore of thinking about young people's use of the internet because of their vulnerable position with regard to contact with people who may take advantage of them.... More

    pp. 187-200

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  7. Investigating Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers' Views and Intentions about Integrating and Using Computers in Early Childhood Settings: Compilation of an Instrument

    Kleopatra Nikolopoulou & Vasilis Gialamas

    This paper discusses the compilation of an instrument in order to investigate pre-service early childhood teachers' views and intentions about integrating and using computers in early childhood... More

    pp. 201-219

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  8. Using Digital Technologies and Contemporary Psychometrics in the Assessment of Performance on Complex Practical Tasks

    C Paul Newhouse & Joseph N. Njiru

    There is a critical need for research into the use of digital technologies to support the assessment of performance on complex tasks in schools. This paper reports on a component of a pilot study... More

    pp. 221-234

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  9. Technology and School Leadership

    Mojgan Afshari, Kamariah Abu Bakar, Wong Su Luan, Bahaman Abu Samah & Foo Say Fooi

    As the demand for schools to become more effective and efficient learning communities increases, the need for principals to cultivate broad-based, skilful participation in the work of leadership is... More

    pp. 235-248

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