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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

March 2009 Volume 18, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Importance of Teaching Roles when Introducing Personal Digital Assistants in a Year 6 Classroom

    Elizabeth Hartnell-Young

    This paper analyses the experience of a teacher and her Year 6 class (10-11 year-olds) over a school year, while participating in a pilot project introducing Personal Digital Assistants as a... More

    pp. 3-17

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  2. Using Computers to Support Children as Authors: An Examination of Three Cases

    Lisa Kervin & Jessica Mantei

    The changing nature of literacy is well documented within the literature, challenging educators to examine their pedagogies in light of the needs of learners in the current climate. The development... More

    pp. 19-32

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  3. Technology Leadership and Supervision: An Analysis Based on Turkish Computer Teachers' Professional Memories

    Deniz Deryakulu & Sinan Olkun

    This study examined Turkish computer teachers' professional memories telling of their experiences with school administrators and supervisors. Seventy-four computer teachers participated in the... More

    pp. 45-58

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  4. Diffusion of Technological Innovation in a Foreign Languages Unit in Turkey: A Focus on Risk-Aversive Teachers

    Metin Timucin

    Taking advantage of Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations Theory, which suggests that adoption of a specific innovation is critically influenced by the way the adopters receive it, this article aims at ... More

    pp. 75-86

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  5. The Role of the Teaching Principal in Promoting ICT Use in Small Primary Schools in Ireland

    Oliver McGarr & Gerry Kearney

    The focus of this study was to examine the leadership role as lived by teaching principals in a selection of small primary schools in the west of Ireland and in particular the implications... More

    pp. 87-102

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