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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

July 2008 Volume 17, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Picturing Technological Change: The Materiality of Information Infrastructures in Public Education

    Torin Monahan

    Information technologies are often depicted as possessing the potential to correct social inequalities by democratising information access and economic opportunity. This view of technology, however... More

    pp. 89-101

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  2. Internet Pollution Discourses, Exclusionary Practices and the "Culture of Over-Blocking" within UK Schools

    Andrew Hope

    In the last decade, Internet provision has become widespread within schools in many economically developed countries. Proponents of such technology have stressed the potential benefits to be gained... More

    pp. 103-113

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  3. Ubiquitous Presence, Partial Use: The Everyday Interaction of Children and Their Families with ICT

    Olivia Stevenson

    This paper aims to move away from the notion of a digital divide premised on technology "haves and have-nots" to a more nuanced understanding based on technological practices. It draws on empirical... More

    pp. 115-130

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  4. Young People's Internet Use and Its Significance for Informal Education and Social Participation

    Stefan Iske, Alexandra Klein, Nadia Kutscher & Hans-Uwe Otto

    This paper focuses on "digital inequality"--a key mediating issue within the education technology debate. In particular, it examines how the social and cultural resources of young people relate to ... More

    pp. 131-141

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  5. PowerPoint, Interactive Whiteboards, and the Visual Culture of Technology in Schools

    Gabriel B. Reedy

    PowerPoint and other visual technologies have become pervasive in schools. Adoption of these technologies is perceived as a necessary--or, at the very least, an educationally appropriate-... More

    pp. 143-162

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