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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

July 2005 Volume 14, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. The Interactive Whiteboard: A Literature Survey

    Derek Glover, David Miller, Doug Averis & Victoria Door

    There has been an increasing awareness of the need to understand the match between technology and pedagogy in the development of interactive learning supported by the interactive whiteboard in... More

    pp. 155-170

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  2. Talking about Teaching: A Study of the Professional Uses of Email by Secondary School Teachers in Uruguay

    Jorge Grunberg & Alejandro Armellini

    Teacher collegiality has been highlighted as a crucial factor in educational change and professional development. Secondary school teachers have been consistently found to feel isolated from their ... More

    pp. 171-188

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  3. The Implications of the Pedagogic Metaphor for Teacher Education in Computing

    John Woollard

    The teaching of computing, like all subjects, requires a range of strategies to take the curriculum content (skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes) and put it in a form that is more easily... More

    pp. 189-204

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  4. Growth in Teachers' Knowledge while Learning to Teach with Multimedia: What Has Been Learned from Concrete Educational Experiences?

    Angeliki Polyzou

    This is an interpretative research study and presents findings of five case studies where the evolution of teachers' knowledge throughout the design and implementation of teaching material using a ... More

    pp. 205-223

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  5. A Beautiful House Built on Sand: What Makes E-Communication Projects Succeed--And Why Are They Still so Rare?

    Chris Abbott, Muriel Grosbois & Mickie Klein

    Case studies of email and video conferencing projects between partners in educational institutions in England and France are presented as a means of identifying the key issues that lead to the... More

    pp. 225-239

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  6. How Not to Integrate Computers with Group Projects: An Example from the Field

    John Raven

    Designing and implementing pedagogies that support collaborative groupwork experiences and which also incorporate the use of information and communications technology is a commonplace, yet complex,... More

    pp. 255-268

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