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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

March 2004 Volume 13, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Negotiating Contrad(ICT)ions: Teachers and Students Making Multimedia in the Secondary School

    Viv Ellis & Steve Long

    In this article, we investigate the use of multimedia information and communication technologies (ICTs) in integrated arts projects in two secondary schools. The ways in which teachers and students... More

    pp. 11-27

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  2. The Peculiarities of Teaching Information and Communication Technology as a Subject: A Study of Trainee and New ICT Teachers in Secondary Schools

    Michael Hammond

    This article reports on teaching information and communication technology (ICT) as a subject. It arises out of research carried out with ICT trainee teachers during their initial training and their... More

    pp. 29-42

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  3. Tensions in Learning Content and Technology: The Experience of Education Students in a Web-Based Research Project

    Ling Shi, Ken Reeder, Tammy Slater & Carolyn Kristjansson

    There has been little research on how a content-based teacher education course can embed effective training in the use of the World Wide Web to search for information and present learning outcomes.... More

    pp. 43-60

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  4. Conditions, Processes and Consequences of Technology Use: A Case Study

    Kara Dawson & Walter Heinecke

    The conditions, processes and consequences of technology implementation were explored in order to develop a holistic view of technology use in a typical elementary school (ages 6-11 years). This... More

    pp. 61-82

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  5. Off-Line Factors Contributing to Online Engagement

    Clare Brett

    Online discourse environments are increasingly popular both in distance education contexts and as adjuncts to face-to-face learning. For many participants such contexts are experienced as positive,... More

    pp. 83-95

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  6. Learning Environments in Information and Communications Technology Classrooms

    David B. Zandvliet & Barry J. Fraser

    The study of learning environments provides a useful research framework for investigating the effects of educational innovations such as those which are associated with the use of the Internet in... More

    pp. 97-123

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