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International Education Journal

2004 Volume 4, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Design and Development of a Simulation to Teach Water Conservation to Primary School Students

    Lee Campbell

    Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays a dominant role in enhancing teaching and learning. Similar advances have been made in the use of multimedia in the classroom. These advances... More

    pp. 42-52

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  2. Exploration of Instructional Strategies and Individual Difference within the Context of Web-Based Learning

    Hesham Alomyan & Wing Au

    Individual differences have been identified as important factors that might have significant impact on students' learning. This study investigated the effect of student's cognitive styles,... More

    pp. 86-91

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  3. Individual Differences: Implications for Web-Based Learning Design

    Hesham Alomyan

    In the past ten years the Web has attracted many educators for purposes of teaching and learning. The main advantage of the Web lies in its non-linear interaction. That is, students can have more... More

    pp. 188-196

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