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Innovations in Education and Training International

1999 Volume 36, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Using Intranets To Support Teaching and Learning

    Philip Barker

    Describes some of the ways in which in-house Web-based networks, or intranets, can be used, possibly in conjunction with the Internet, to facilitate new ways of supporting student-managed,... More

    pp. 3-10

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  2. Delivering Multimedia Teaching Modules via the Internet

    Stephen M. Mudge

    Discusses advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet for delivering teaching modules and makes recommendations for successful use of the Internet. Highlights include the availability of... More

    pp. 11-16

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  3. Using the World Wide Web To Improve Medication Calculation Skills

    Gloria A. Stillman, Justine Alison & Felicity Croker

    Describes the development of a computer-assisted learning package at James Cook University (Australia) that uses the World Wide Web to provide accessible practice in medication calculations for... More

    pp. 17-25

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  4. Task-Oriented Learning on the Web

    C Dave Whittington & Lorna M. Campbell

    Describes three examples of learning environments that were created for the Web at Clyde Virtual University (Scotland) to enable task-oriented learning by allowing students to develop and apply... More

    pp. 26-33

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  5. Developing Interactive Courseware on the World Wide Web

    David Marshall

    Addresses issues related to implementing a variety of computer-science courses on the World Wide Web and in particular how end-user interaction has been facilitated in the courseware. Topics... More

    pp. 34-43

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  6. Approaches to the Evaluation of Online Learning Materials

    Alan J. Cann

    Discussion of problems involved in evaluating computer-assisted learning resources focuses on evaluation strategies for interactive tutorials on the World Wide Web that were developed at the... More

    pp. 44-52

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  7. Computer-Conferencing Issues in Higher Education

    Rachel Harris

    Discusses computer-mediated communication technologies and then focuses on computer conferencing in the context of higher education and open learning. Highlights include teaching strategies for use... More

    pp. 80-91

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