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Internet and Higher Education

2005 Volume 8, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Content creation challenges and flow experience in educational games: The IT-Emperor case

    K. Kiili

    Students increasingly demand more constructive online courses that not only provide information but also facilitate studying experiences. Educational games offer a viable strategy to this end. In... More

    pp. 183-198

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  2. Standardizing the interview process and developing a faculty interview rubric: An effective method to recruit and retain online instructors

    Pamela K.S. Patrick & Alice G. Yick

    With the increasing prevalence of online education, institutions of higher education may encounter challenges as they seek to hire instructors who have the skills, knowledge base, and competencies ... More

    pp. 199-212

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  3. A longitudinal investigation of the effect of information perception and focus on attrition in online learning environments

    Steven R. Terrell

    To better understand causes of attrition from a limited residency doctoral program, this paper describes the results of a seven-year study wherein the author collected data reflecting a given... More

    pp. 213-219

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  4. Tracking student behavior, persistence, and achievement in online courses

    Libby V. Morris, Catherine Finnegan & Sz-Shyan Wu

    The purpose of this research was to examine student engagement in totally asynchronous online courses through an empirical analysis of student behavior online and its relationship to persistence... More

    pp. 221-231

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  5. Community building, emergent design and expecting the unexpected: Creating a quality eLearning experience

    Terrie Lynn Thompson & Colla J. MacDonald

    Given the extraordinary interest and growth in eLearning as a learning tool and as an industry, it is not surprising there is lively debate on quality. A research-based and tested eLearning model... More

    pp. 233-249

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  6. A usability survey of a contents-based video retrieval system by combining digital video and an electronic bulletin board

    Hirohide Haga & Shigeo Kaneda

    This article describes the survey of the usability of a novel content-based video retrieval system. This system combines video streaming and an electronic bulletin board system (BBS). Comments... More

    pp. 251-262

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