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Campus-Wide Information Systems

2011 Volume 28, Number 4

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Diversity, Value and Technology: Exposing Value Pluralism in Institutional Strategy

    Mark Johnson & Keith Smyth

    Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to explore ways in which value pluralism in institutional learning-technology strategy can be exposed and managed with the use of learning activities involving ... More

    pp. 211-220

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  2. The Adoption and Diffusion of eLearning in UK Universities: A Comparative Case Study Using Giddens's Theory of Structuration

    Glenn Hardaker & Gurmak Singh

    Purpose: This exploratory study seeks to identify the factors that influence the adoption and diffusion of instructional technology at five prominent universities in the UK. The study aims to... More

    pp. 221-233

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  3. Towards a Resilient Strategy for Technology-Enhanced Learning

    Richard Hall

    Purpose: This paper sets out to argue that the strategic implementation of technology is implicated in a range of crises or socio-economic disruptions, like peak oil, climate change and the rising ... More

    pp. 234-249

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  4. Future Models of Higher Education in Scotland: Can Collaborative, Technology-Enhanced Learning Offer Solutions?

    Andrew Comrie

    Purpose: This paper aims to discuss and provide examples of different collaborative models that are emerging and to argue that a technology-enhanced, socio-constructivist approach to future... More

    pp. 250-257

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  5. A Cybernetic Analysis of a University-Wide Curriculum Innovation

    Richard Millwood & Stephen Powell

    Purpose: This paper seeks to describe and analyse an approach to course design as part of a strategic, technology-inspired, cross-university intervention to widen participation. A curriculum... More

    pp. 258-274

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  6. Creating the Strategic Learning Environment at City University London

    Susannah Quinsee & Anise Bullimore

    Purpose: This paper aims to describe the creation of a new approach to the implementation of educational technologies at a UK Higher Education Institution. Driven by changes in technology, an... More

    pp. 275-288

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  7. Informing TEL Strategy through Formal and Informal Channels: A Case Study

    David Walker, David Sloan, Lynn Boyle & Lorraine Walsh

    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to outline and discuss a multifaceted approach to embedding change in academic practice, resulting in the integration of technology-enhanced learning (TEL)... More

    pp. 289-293

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  8. Reflections on the Development of a Dynamic Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

    Karen Strickland, Joan McLatchie & Rowena Pelik

    Purpose: This paper aims to demonstrate how an institutional learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) strategy was developed and a "dynamic" strategy created in order to achieve the ongoing... More

    pp. 294-298

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  9. Service-Oriented Architecture and Curriculum Transformation at Manchester Metropolitan University

    Mark Stubbs & Phil Range

    Purpose: The need to establish more flexible and adaptable university curricula has been recognised as a strategic priority in recent years and has been supported by a number of initiatives... More

    pp. 299-304

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