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2009 Volume 25, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Digital Portfolios: Documenting Student Growth

    Matthew Cramer

    The digital portfolio process at Camino Nuevo High School (CNHS) offers an essential 21st century skill to students. All students are trained in basic web design to build and maintain their digital... More

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  2. Twittering about Learning: Using Twitter in an Elementary School Classroom

    Jeff Kurtz

    Many years ago, when the author first started teaching, a colleague showed him a great technique for communicating with families: At the end of the day, she used a 24- by 16-inch chart tablet to... More

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  3. Technology as a Fence and a Bridge

    Bryan Wehrli

    Cell phones, laptops, the Internet and social networking sites make teachers anxious and magnify the gap between teacher and student. The influx of devices creates a clamor, but little clarity for ... More

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  4. Adventures in Web 2.0: Introducing Social Networking into My Teaching

    Honor Moorman

    Five months ago, the author introduced Web 2.0 technology to her students, and already, there is a story to tell. Integrating a social networking site into her teaching has been even more... More

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  5. Distance Learning and the CES Common Principles

    Jennie Hallisey

    In 2001, Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA) started its Distance Learning Program (DL) to serve students who could not come to school on a regular basis. Because it is by design a competency... More

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  6. Learning Technology Skills through Social Entrepreneurialism

    Jean Pendleton

    When the author first arrived at Charleston Collegiate School, she was handed a college-level Microsoft business applications textbook and told she'd be teaching a one-semester ninth grade... More

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