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Journal of the Learning Sciences

2015 Volume 24, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. From Getting "Fired" to Becoming a Collaborator: A Case of the Coconstruction of Identity and Engagement in a Project-Based Mathematics Classroom

    Jennifer M. Langer-Osuna

    This article investigates the coconstruction of student identity and engagement in the case of a 9th grader in a project-based algebra classroom that afforded students a great deal of autonomy. The... More

    pp. 53-92

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  2. Defining and Operationalizing Appropriation for Science Learning

    Olivia Levrini, Paola Fantini, Giulia Tasquier, Barbara Pecori & Mariana Levin

    The goal of this article is to contribute to understanding the interplay between students' disciplinary engagement and their identity construction. The term appropriation, borrowed from... More

    pp. 93-136

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  3. Experiences in Sense Making: Health Science Students' "I"-Positioning in an Online Philosophy of Science Course

    Maarit Arvaja

    This article reports on a qualitative study on the dialogical approach to learning in the context of higher education. The aim was to shed light on the "I"-Position and multivoicedness in... More

    pp. 137-175

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  4. Practicality Studies: How to Move from What Works in Principle to What Works in Practice

    Fred Janssen, Hanna Westbroek & Walter Doyle

    In his article "Principled Practical Knowledge: Not a Bridge but a Ladder," Carl Bereiter (2014) argues that theoretical knowledge is too shallow to support the generation of innovative... More

    pp. 176-186

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  5. The Practicality of Principled Practical Knowledge: A Response to Janssen, Westbroek, and Doyle

    Carl Bereiter

    "Practicality Studies" (Janssen, Westbroek, & Doyle, 2015/this issue) starts with a critical commentary on "Principled Practical Knowledge: Not a Bridge but a Ladder" ... More

    pp. 187-192

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