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Journal of the Learning Sciences

2012 Volume 21, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Achieving Alignment of Perspectival Framings in Problem-Solving Discourse

    Carla C. van de Sande & James G. Greeno

    We use a concept of framing to explain 3 cases in which participants initially lacked mutual understanding but then achieved significant mutual understanding. The cases were all consistent with a... More

    pp. 1-44

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  2. Designing for Productive Failure

    Manu Kapur & Katerine Bielaczyc

    In this article, we describe the design principles undergirding "productive failure" (PF; M. Kapur, 2008). We then report findings from an ongoing program of research on PF in mathematical problem ... More

    pp. 45-83

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  3. Between "Veritas" and "Communitas": Epistemic Switching in the Reading of Academic and Sacred History

    Eli Gottlieb & Sam Wineburg

    We compared how 8 religious believers (historians and clergy) and 8 skeptics (historians and scientists) read a series of documents on 2 topics: the Biblical Exodus and the origins of the first ... More

    pp. 84-129

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  4. Deepening Students' Scientific Inquiry Skills during a Science Museum Field Trip

    Joshua P. Gutwill & Sue Allen

    Field trips to science museums can provide students with educational experiences, particularly when museum programs emphasize scientific inquiry skill building over content knowledge acquisition.... More

    pp. 130-181

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  5. A Comparison of Lecture-Based and Challenge-Based Learning in a Workplace Setting: Course Designs, Patterns of Interactivity, and Learning Outcomes

    Timothy K. O'Mahony, Nancy J. Vye, John D. Bransford, Elizabeth A. Sanders, Reed Stevens, Richard D. Stephens, Michael C. Richey, Kuen Y. Lin & Moe K. Soleiman

    We describe findings from a research partnership involving a global airline manufacturing company (The Boeing Company), and learning scientists and aeronautical engineers from the University of... More

    pp. 182-206

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