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IALL Journal of Language Learning Technologies

1994 Volume 27, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. What's Wrong with Multimedia in Higher Education?

    Martin B. Solomon

    Explores impediments to the use of multimedia courseware in higher education and the factors required for multimedia to thrive. Impediments include the smug culture of higher education, finances,... More

    pp. 27-32

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  2. Internet and Foreign Language Instruction: A Report from Behind the Front Lines, Part 2: Navigational Tools

    Jane E. Backer

    Discusses the role of the Internet in foreign-language instruction from the perspective of a French teacher. Topics include Gopher, subject-oriented Gophers, finding e-mail addresses, Veronica and ... More

    pp. 59-65

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  3. In Other Journals

    Scott Galer

    Reviews articles on the use of computer software in the language classroom. The first article reviews existing multimedia programs; the next explains the method and results of a study of the future... More

    pp. 93-97

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