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Educational Technology Research and Development

June 2007 Volume 55, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Integrating Technology into K-12 Teaching and Learning: Current Knowledge Gaps and Recommendations for Future Research

    Khe Foon Hew & Thomas Brush

    Although research studies in education show that use of technology can help student learning, its use is generally affected by certain barriers. In this paper, we first identify the general... More

    pp. 223-252

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  2. Game Design and Learning: A Conjectural Analysis of How Massively Multiple Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) Foster Intrinsic Motivation

    Michele D. Dickey

    During the past two decades, the popularity of computer and video games has prompted games to become a source of study for educational researchers and instructional designers investigating how... More

    pp. 253-273

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  3. Designing a Computer Support System for Multimedia Curriculum Development in Shanghai

    Qiyun Wang, Nienke Nieveen & Jan van den Akker

    The CASCADE-MUCH system was designed to help teacher-designers in Shanghai, China with the development of instructional scenarios for multimedia curricula. After four rounds of prototyping, a... More

    pp. 275-295

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  4. A Cultural Look at Information and Communication Technologies in Eastern Education

    Jianwei Zhang

    The Eastern cultural tradition, together with other social factors, has shaped a group-based, teacher-dominated, and centrally organized pedagogical culture. Drawing upon this cultural perspective,... More

    pp. 301-314

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