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Journal of Computing in Teacher Education

2007 Volume 24, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Role of Teacher Inquiry in Helping Prospective Teachers Untangle the Complexities of Technology Use in Classrooms

    Kara Dawson

    The objective of this research was to explore how authentic technology use and teacher inquiry may coalesce during curriculum-based, technology-enhanced field experiences for prospective teachers. ... More

    pp. 5-12

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  2. Cross-Validating Measures of Technology Integration: A First Step toward Examining Potential Relationships between Technology Integration and Student Achievement

    Robert Hancock, Gerald Knezek & Rhonda Christensen

    The use of proper measurements of diffusion of information technology as an innovation are essential to determining if progress is being made in state, regional, and national level programs. This... More

    pp. 15-21

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  3. Using Digital Video to Re-Think Teaching Practices

    Mark Girod, John Bell & Punya Mishra

    Video is a powerful medium for communication and learning. With increased accessibility to digital video production equipment, an important question is what role teacher production of video might... More

    pp. 23-29

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  4. In Their Shoes: Teacher Educators' Reframing Portfolio Development from the Students' Perspective

    Cari Klecka, Loretta Donovan & Robert L. Fisher

    This article examines 14 teacher educators' development of standards-based electronic portfolios. The research focused on the participants' interpretation of the standards and how they... More

    pp. 31-36

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