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Journal of Computing in Teacher Education

2005 Volume 21, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A Collaborative Model for Influencing the Technology Integration Behaviors and Dispositions of Preservice Social Studies Teachers

    Raymond Jones, Ann Cunningham & Loraine Moses Stewart

    Collaboration among faculty can enhance the learning experience for preservice teachers and reinforce the integral role of technology in teaching, learning, and professional development in social... More

    pp. 77-83

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  2. Emergent Reflective Dialogue among Preservice Teachers Mediated through a Virtual Learning Environment

    Claudia Khourey-Bowers

    This descriptive study addressed the role of virtual learning environments in fostering reflective thought among preservice teachers through dialogic interaction. Preservice teachers tend to view... More

    pp. 85-90

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  3. Seeking Alternatives to Inservice Technology Workshops from Teachers' Perspectives

    William Sugar & Kenneth Wilson

    This study details our efforts in examining alternatives to inservice technology workshops according to the perspectives of teachers from two school districts located in the southeastern region of ... More

    pp. 91-98

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  4. The Promise of Technology to Confront Dilemmas in Teacher Education: The Use of WebQuests in Problem-Based Methods Courses

    Leigh K. Smith, Roni Jo Draper & Brenda L. Sabey

    This qualitative study examined the use of WebQuests as a teaching tool in problem-based elementary methods courses. We explored the potential of WebQuests to address three dilemmas faced in... More

    pp. 99-108

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  5. Lessons Learned from Implementing Technology in an Undergraduate Elementary Education Program

    Shelley B. Wepner, Kathleen A. Bowes & Rita Serotkin

    This article describes the implementation of a state-funded grant, the challenges that emerged, and the lessons learned. This yearlong grant, Technology[superscript 3], provided the resources for... More

    pp. 111-119

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