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Journal on School Educational Technology

2013 Volume 9, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Exploring the Impact of Critical Reflection through the Use of Service-Learning and Digital Storytelling

    Kisha Daniels

    In an ongoing effort to address the needs of 21st century teachers, a service-learning project was designed which coupled structured reflection and technology. The reflective practitioner model... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Online Course Effectiveness: A Model for Innovative Research in Counselor Education

    Gina Cicco

    This article will discuss the need for experimental research to document the effectiveness of online counseling skills courses. There are relatively few published studies that have investigated... More

    pp. 10-16

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  3. Acquired and Required Competencies in Interactive Computer in Labour Market Sector from the Employers

    S. O. Adodo & Timothy Adewole

    This study investigated acquired and required competencies in interactive computer technology (ICT) in labour data were collected from employers' and employees'. The study is a descriptive research... More

    pp. 17-30

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  4. Learner-Oriented Virtual Learning: A Booster to Primary School Learners

    G. Singaravelu

    The present study enlightens the impact of Learner- Oriented-Virtual Learning in enriching knowledge in Environmental Education at primary level.To achieve the expected competency in Biodiversity, ... More

    pp. 31-36

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  5. Flexible Learning as New Learning Design in Classroom Process to Promote Quality Education

    D. R. Robert Joan

    Educators in the 21st century realize that students entering the classroom today are much different from those who have come before. Today's students are demanding a change in the classroom because... More

    pp. 37-42

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  6. Transformational Research Engineering: Research Design Metrics for In-Depth and Empowering K-12 Teacher Professional Development

    James Edward Osler

    This paper discusses the implementation of the Tri-Squared Test as an advanced statistical measure used to verify and validate the research outcomes. This type of statistical measure is ideal for... More

    pp. 43-60

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  7. Cognitive Load Theory--Sometimes Less Is More

    Cody Taylor

    The following paper represents review of the literature examining the current research related to cognitive load theory and more specifically the negative aspects of the redundant on-screen text.... More

    pp. 61-68

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