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Journal on School Educational Technology

2012 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Counseling Instruction in the Online Classroom: A Survey of Student and Faculty Perceptions

    Gina Cicco

    This article will review the design, procedures, and results of a recent study conducted to survey the perceptions of counseling students and professionals regarding the delivery of counseling... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. Using Innovative Technical Solutions as an Intervention for at Risk Students: A Meta-Cognitive Statistical Analysis to Determine the Impact of Ninth Grade Freshman Academies, Centers, and Center Models upon Minority Student Retention and Achievement

    James Edward Osler & Carl Waden

    This paper provides an active discourse on the use of innovative solutions to conduct an in-depth investigation on the success and viability of 9th Grade Freshman Academies, Centers, and Center... More

    pp. 11-23

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  3. Modern Educational Technology: Educational Usages of Cell Phone as Perceived by Students of Education Faculties

    Ali Moneer Harba

    This study investigated the educational use of cell phones at two Syrian education establishments. The research sample consisted of (n = 184) students from the Department of Teacher Education at... More

    pp. 24-32

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  4. Listening to the Reactions of People in the Midst of Change

    Jill Friestad-Tate & Craig McCoy

    The purpose of the study was to listen to reactions of key stakeholders experiencing profound organizational change. A case study was used to gather data from participants' interview responses.... More

    pp. 33-43

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  5. Multimedia Approach and Its Effect in Teaching Mathematics for the Prospective Teachers

    D. R. Robert Joan & S. P. Denisia

    Multimedia improves the effectiveness of teaching learning process of multimedia in formal or informal setting and utilizing scientific principle. It allows us to sort out the information to... More

    pp. 44-49

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  6. Technical Education in Pre and Post Independent India

    G. Janardhana & M. Rajasekhar

    This paper deals with technical education growth, policies in pre and post independent India. The world is moving forward rapidly and positively, into an era where societies and economies are... More

    pp. 50-55

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