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Journal on School Educational Technology

2011 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Maximizing the Online Learning Experience: Suggestions for Educators and Students

    Gina Cicco

    This article will discuss ways of maximizing the online course experience for teachers- and counselors-in-training. The widespread popularity of online instruction makes it a necessary learning... More

    pp. 1-6

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  2. Dynamic Learning in Virtual Spaces: Producers and Consumers of Meaning

    Sandra Schamroth Abrams & Jennifer Rowsell

    Twenty-first century education includes dynamic learning that is complicated by interactions in both fixed and protean virtual spaces, and it is important to consider the degree of power, agency,... More

    pp. 7-13

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  3. Role of Teachers in Constructivistic Approach

    S. Karpagam & R. Ananthasayanam

    This paper attempts to explain learner centered methodology of teaching at the school level due to implementation of National curriculum frame work for school (2005), since NCF [National Curriculum... More

    pp. 14-18

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  4. The Effect of Laboratory Training Model of Teaching and Traditional Method on Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Skills-Components of Achievement, Total Achievement and Retention Level in Chemistry

    Alireza Badeleh

    The present study aimed at finding the effectiveness of the Laboratory Training Model of Teaching (LTM) and comparing it with the traditional methods of teaching chemistry to seventh standard... More

    pp. 19-29

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  5. An Analysis of Engagement in a Combination Indoor/Outdoor Augmented Reality Educational Game

    James Folkestad & Patrick O'Shea

    This paper describes the results of a qualitative analysis of video captured during a dual indoor/outdoor Augmented Reality experience. Augmented Reality is the layering of virtual information on... More

    pp. 30-37

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  6. Integration of Smart Board Technology and Effective Teaching

    Kathryn Min & Christine Siegel

    The proposed paper reports on the results of a study conducted to explore the influence of SMART Board technology on student engagement in and perception of classroom activities. Using momentary... More

    pp. 38-47

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  7. Development and Validation of Yoga Video Package and Its Effectiveness on Depression, Anxiety and Stress of School Teachers

    B. Tamil Selvi & S. Thangarajathi

    Teaching once was considered as a noble job but, within the last decade it has become an increasingly stressful profession for school teachers. Increased work load, insufficient salary package,... More

    pp. 48-56

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