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Journal on School Educational Technology

2008 Volume 3, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Beyond the Classroom Walls--Virtual Field Trips

    Mary Jo Pierantozzi

    There is no doubt that children enjoy field trips. They enjoy the opportunity to explore new places, gaze upon new images and artefacts, and learn about different people, places, and things.... More

    pp. 1-4

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  2. A Framework for Task-Oriented Language Instruction

    Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan

    Task-based teaching is an area which has emerged from the upsurge of interest in cognitive approaches to language learning and teaching of the mid 1980s. Being a current vogue in a communicative... More

    pp. 5-16

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  3. Cognitive Training as Treatment for ADHD: Effectiveness in School-Aged Children

    Emily J. Garner, Marsha J. Harman & A. Jerry Bruce

    The purpose of this investigation was to ascertain the effectiveness of Captain's Log, a computerized cognitive-training program designed to improve attention and reduce impulsivity. Participants... More

    pp. 17-25

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  4. Using Weblogs as a Tool for Reflective Learning

    Raja Maznah Raja Hussain & Foo Sze-Yeng

    This study explores the phenomenon of reflective learning through weblogging among pre-service teachers enrolled in an undergraduate technology course. Teacher trainees used weblogs to record their... More

    pp. 26-37

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  5. Computer Assisted Instructional Programs to Teach Mathematics to Students with Learning Disabilities: Analysis of the Instructional Design Features

    Paul J. Riccomini

    This paper is an analysis of published research on computer-assisted instruction (CAI) for mathematics involving students with learning disabilities. A systematic search of the literature on... More

    pp. 38-48

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  6. The Use of Instructional Design in Educational Technology for Effective Teaching and Learning

    Syeda Nosheen Gillani, Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar & Bushra Naoreen Choudhry

    Educationists are of the opinion that the educational problems relating to quantity and quality could be tackled by the proper utilization of instructional technology. Instructional technology is a... More

    pp. 49-56

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  7. Stemming Down High Rates of Truancy, Drop-Out and Failure in Secondary Schools in Osun State

    Sofowora O. Alaba

    The purpose of this study was to find out whether: (1) truancy, drop-out and failure rates was as a result of the teacher teaching strategy in Secondary Schools in Osun State, (2) If skill in... More

    pp. 57-64

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